13_14_15 Oct 2016

The Heavenly Triduum With Our Lady
Batim Ganxim Goa
Our Lady’s Visitation
13th October 2016, Thursday 3:00 P.M.
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
Day One:

Iveta: …………..Oh! Holy Mama. Oh! You’re here, praise God Ah! Thank You Holy Mama. You came as You promised Ah!.........Oh!....................
            She greets us bowing, first to us, all those to Her right, bows Her Head in greeting, moves to Her right again and bows Her Head again, then moves to Her right again and bows Her Head, greeting all Her children and then takes Her position in front of me. She is one foot away from me. ……………..   Mother can i touch You? Ah! …………

Holy Mother:……… “In a while daughter, in a while …….”  And She speaks:

            “My beloved children, how it pleases My Immaculate Heart to see your fidelity to respond to My request to come this day to celebrate with Me the ninety ninth anniversary as of Fatima.  Batim lies in the shadow of Fatima, it is the forerunner of the future in God’s Salvific Plan. Know and understand now, these are important moments.

            I come this day to thank you for your fidelity to Consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart, I will not abandon you, I Am with you through it all. You are entering crucial moments that mark now the period of the anti-christ.
Understand My children, not with fear but with love. All is in place.
I come this day to bring you the message from God Our FATHER.
This is what it is.”……….She pauses ………….and now She speaks:

            “I AM WHO I AM, ETERNAL FATHER, known to you through My Beloved Son JESUS, Who pleased Me much and Who has reconciled you to Me. If you chose this path, I come with the Love of Heaven awaiting you that We may share in Eternal Glory.
            Beloved children of Mine, know and understand I AM The Eternal Father, True God in The First Person, All Light, only revealing Myself.”

iveta: Vision: and now Heaven opens………..Ahhh! ………… and all i see is the Bright Light and The Throne of God. Ahhh! ……. Am i so worthy to see this? Ahhh!......

            “It is here I welcome you all My children, go and bring the lost sheep. I call especially, My Chosen Ones, beloved in the Vineyard to prepare all My children for these moments. All present here I thank you, I thank you with The Fatherly Love and I desire with the greatest desire that you pray for the fulfillment that This Daughter Who has pleased Me”

(He points now to The Blessed Mother through The Archangel Michael).
            “be proclaimed Mediatrix of all Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate for your sake, that She may dispense the Graces you are in need of for these moments.
            Know and understand, when Divine Mercy ends, the fury of Divine Justice will come into being. Your prayers are of most importance to understand to reconcile your brethrens to Me.

            I AM WHO I AM,
Your Heavenly FATHER, made known to you by My Beloved Son JESUS. Amen.”

…………….Now Our Blessed Mother speaks:
            “My beloved children, I now”
………..She stands right near the Statue……:
 “initiate the Blessing that has been entrusted by God Our FATHER, God The Son My Divine Son, your Redeemer  Our Redeemer, God The Holy Spirit to impart This Blessing upon this image to Venerate Me as The Mother of God.

……… now She turns and come to the Fatima Statue….
            “This Image of Mine as Our Lady of Fatima coming before you from the very land I made My Presentation, here now I Bless this for Veneration and it will take the place of the Image as in the middle of the Altar, the centre where the Image for Veneration of I Who Am Our Lady of Grace under that title.”

……..She imparts the Blessing ………….
“Now I ask My beloved Chosen Son to come forth and bless these Statues at the end of My final Blessing, at the Statue known also as the Image of Saint Michael. Know and understand, this Image comes on these grounds as Saint Michael takes His place as the Custodian of all of Goa.”

And now at the Image of Saint Michael, Our Blessed Mother goes with Saint Michael to the Image of Saint Michael. Saint Michael’s Spirit passes through this Image and I see Saint Michael no more.

She initiates the Blessing:
            “Beloved children, now before you is The Mother of God Image for Veneration and understanding that I will protect you in these times and lead you through them. Amen.

I Love you dearly, I Am The Mother of God, Mediatrix of All Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven, I await to be proclaimed on Earth by your Holy Father, My beloved Chosen Son His Holiness Pope Francis I in union with Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and all the Bishops and Priests and Religious and you My beloved children known as the laity united in this Solemn Celebration  of the fifth dogma, The Immaculate Conception, I Who Am She. Amen.”

iveta……thank You Holy Mother. She bows in greetings to all of us and She is ascending.
St. Michael makes His presence known now:

            “Beloved children of God, return at the same hour for the next Visitation and the message from Our Divine Saviour, The Redeemer. Amen.”

The Priest now comes forth and Blesses the Images.

The Heavenly Triduum With Our Lady
Batim Ganxim Goa
Our Lady’s Visitation
14th October 2016, Friday 3:00 P.M.

Day Two:
iveta:…………..Our Lady is descending…….. Our Blessed Mother is amidst us. She is walking right around the ring greeting each one. Ask everybody to greet Her. Greet your Holy Mother in what every manner you wish to. She is walking right around…………………………. Now She pauses, bows Her Head, greeting all present again, raises Herself and She looks at Her Image and smiles, yet i can assure you She is far more beautiful than the Image we have here.

            Now She gives me Her Heart in exchange for mine ……………Holy Mama! Holy Mama You’re here. Tell everybody to look at the Sun, it is spinning, it is dancing around Her ………. Praise God!  Thank You Holy Mama for coming, thank You once again. i love You, i have so many brothers and sister here, i have my Spiritual Father here Heavenly Mother ………Ah! Praise God, Praise God!
She smiles at us, Her little children …… and watches all over us and:

She now speaks:
            “ My beloved children, I have come down once again this day to be with you and I desire with great  desire to stay with you as you Consecrate yourselves, each one of you into My Immaculate Heart. There are many here who do not understand the Consecration to My Immaculate Heart, it is simple children simple, simply give Me your heart and tell Me to do all that God desires in you for which you were created, exchanging your will for the Divine Will  and I will conform you in the Order and Grace of God and lead you to Holiness in which each one of you is called to be.

Beloved children I thank you for the many who have come back this day, do you understand you are doing a HEAVENLY TRIDUUM. This is the day two, the second day of your Triduum with God through My Immaculate Heart and to all those who have come this day for the first time, I welcome you to the abode of My Immaculate Heart, I Am your Heavenly Mother Who loves you dearly and desires to lead you to God through My Divine Son JESUS, Who in a little moment will entrust a Word to all His brothers and sisters as your Heavenly Brother, your Redeemer, Our Redeemer, Our God in The Second Person of The Triune  God.

            Beloved children, I desire now, that you bring forth the ‘Medal’ that I have asked to be made and I desire to bestow upon it the Blessing from God Our FATHER, God The Son, My Divine Son JESUS and God The HOLY SPIRIT My Spouse. 

            Know and understand as I bestow The Blessing on this ‘Medal’ this shall be entrusted to My beloved Chosen Son, His Grace Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrâo, the Bishop of this Diocese in whose custody it will stay and be given to the Priest that will come to be and serve on this Holy Mountain to be brought for Veneration. I love him dearly and I thank him for allowing Me to bring My Word, The Word of God through Me to all My children, not only here, as Goa stands for God of all.
Now here the blessing:

Beloved children, now understand that this ‘Medal’ also must be blessed by a Chosen son of Mine, obedient to his Bishop and obedient to the Holy Father, a Priest, a Catholic Priest. Amen.

            Now beloved children, I also desire to Bless all the objects known as Religious objects, Sacramentals. Raise them up  and even those in your cars for the intention of being Blessed will be Blessed by Me, and then I desire My Chosen Sons to initiate a Blessing over them, My Priest, beloved and dear to My Heart, My Immaculate Heart. I Love you all My beloved Chosen Sons and I desire that you help Me lead God’s children to Holiness through the Gifts entrusted unto you. Do not be distracted, do not be disturbed, I Am here to help you when you call on Me. Now here the Blessing

iveta to Our Holy Mama:  i have been asked that tomorrow, that others may believe, by my Spiritual Fathers that You give us a sign for all to see and open the heart of the one that is in need of opening, if it be God’s Holy Will. i place it in Your Immaculate Heart now being present here before me.
She pauses and smiles:

            “Do you not understand, you seek a Miracle and yet it is in front of you, here I Am, and each one of you will experience such, only prayer is needed for all to come to fulfillment. I will see about it”…………………………………… and She smiles.

iveta: i am confident Mother that when You say You will see, it’s only a ninety nine percent No and one percent Yes. Is that how I may understand it? ……………and She smiles …………Now She pauses and Archangel Michael brings the Scroll and opens it in front of Her. He stands in front of Her and speaks:
iveta:  i’m having great difficulty Ah !! ……….
i’m having great difficulty with the Words  Ahh!...............Ahh ! ………………………..
They are heavy Ah!! Ha!!...............................
(she receives a blessing from her Spiritual Father).

            “Beloved children, children of God, I Who Am JESUS of Nazareth, Who laid  down My Life for each one of you present here and all those who will hear these Words  and heed them, who will embrace the Cross.

Now you may understand you are entering heavily, moments of great sorrow, sorrow because man continues to offend their God, I Am He.
You are at the threshold of World War three, only prayer can efface this terrible disaster for good and bad will perish in it.

            To My beloved Chosen Sons, My Priests, I Am Beloved of The FATHER and you are beloved of Him through Me. If you only understand the Power that I have entrusted unto you, fear not, be bold, go out there and conquer the Souls and your reward awaits you in Heaven.

            The great apostasy now will come  into being, the One World Government will come into being, fear not, My Mother, My Holy and Blessed Mother will take care of each one of you if you trust and entrust yourselves to Her Immaculate Heart and yourselves each day with Her Immaculate Mantle. Many of you will face Martyrdom, this must be the Blood that must be spilt to purify My Church, My Bride.

            My Brides, the Nuns known as, I love you, stay obedient and know that I AM with you, and lead all the little children to Me when they come to you.
I AM JESUS of Nazareth, The second Person of The Triune God, The Holy Trinity, here making My Word known to you and soon you will receive Me under the appearance of  Bread and Wine, My True Flesh and True Blood, given to you to fortify you for these moments.
            Now I desire to make known My desire that you pray and petition your Holy Father, My beloved Chosen Son, Peter My Peter The Rock on which The Church today stands, His Holiness Pope Francis I in union with Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, the hidden Pope to proclaim My Blessed Mother as Mediatrix of All Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate. It is then that Heaven will open and dispense the Graces necessary for all God’s children to fortify you in these moments.

I AM JESUS of Nazareth The High Priest, True God and True Man.
I love you all My brethrens. Amen. Amen.”

Vision: Now Holy Mother comes and She speaks:
            “My beloved children, stay in My Shadow, My Shadow is Light. Am I not your Mother? Are you not My children?
I Am here to protect you, to love you, to guide you. I will return tomorrow once again for the last time on this Holy Mountain, but last, in not it’s understanding in no more. I Am Mary of Nazareth Who walks with you here on this Holy Mountain as I did in Nazareth.

I Love you dearly, I Am The Mother of God, Your Heavenly Mother, The Mediatrix  of all Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven, awaiting to be proclaimed , through your prayers, on Earth. Amen.”

........... and i see Her no more, yet the Sun dances around Her and She rises.
            The Three Archangels now enter The Church as though ready for The Holy Sacrifice, to Worship Our God. Amen.

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Amen.
(we pray the St. Michael The Archangel Prayer…………………..)

The Heavenly Triduum With Our Lady
Batim Ganxim Goa
Our Lady’s Visitation
15th October 2016, Saturday 3:00 P.M.

Day Three:
…………… Now the three Archangels are descending. Archangel Michael comes in front holding the sword in His right Hand above His Head and the chain in His left Hand in front waist high.

Archangel Gabriel holds the scroll and Archangel Raphael holds a bowl with the coals from Heaven that will take our prayers this day at the Holy Sacrifice, at the Consecration they will be lifted up to God  Our FATHER. Amen.

            Now Our Lady is descending on a very large white Bird. She is coming gliding……… She comes and She comes and She comes. The Holy Spirit now moves above Her. Our Lady is standing on a little white cloud as the Spouse of The Holy Spirit, The Immaculate Conception, dressed in an all white external Mantle and an internal white Garment, with a blue sash that ties to the right and a Pearl white Rosary is draped around the sash to Her left. Her Hands are in joined position. She smiles at all of us and once again greets us bowing. She moves to Her right again and bows, once again another right and bows and another right and bows and then comes right in front of me. It is almost like She is speechless and yet;
She begins to speak:

            “My beloved children, what a gift you are to Me, you have responded in a great number to My request to come this day to celebrate the final Triduum of Heaven and The Celebrant of it is The Holy Spirit of which you will come to know and drink of the Fountain of God’s Love and Grace through Him.

            He desires your silence that He may come and rest and bestow the Knowledge and Wisdom and Understanding of God in all your requests and needs. You need not be troubled, I Am here, His Spouse The Immaculate Conception, your Heavenly Mother Who loves you dearly and desires only to lead you to My Divine Son JESUS through Whom you will rest in the Bosom of God Our Father.

            Beloved children, I thank you immensely for Consecrating yourselves and I beg you to lead others to Consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart. It is through My Immaculate Heart that Salvation will come upon Earth. You will understand its meaning for all Power, all Grace has been bestowed upon Me by The Triune God, God The FATHER Our Father, God The Son My Divine Son JESUS your Redeemer of Whom I Am Co-Redemptrix  and God The Holy Spirit My Spouse of Whom I brought forth in My Immaculate Womb JESUS, True God and True Man.

            Beloved children, I come this day to warn you of false prophets. Understand, many have gone out, you only need to turn to JESUS present here with you in The Most Blessed Sacrament, and My beloved Chosen Sons My Priests, I thank you for responding and coming here this day, it is your power of Glory now with My fortified Grace in every moment you call upon Me. Understand the power bestowed upon you to lead all God’s children. It is through you that God desires them to be brought to the sheepfold of God. Many are astray both lamb and sheep, it you that I charge this day with My Love to go and bring them back to the sheepfold.

            Now beloved children I desire to make known to you also that I will rejoice on that day when I Am proclaimed Mediatrix of All Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate to dispense My Grace upon all of you My beloved children. In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph and Russia will be Consecrated to My Immaculate Heart as I desire and made known in Fatima, and the era of peace will come upon your World. Amen.”

iveta:…….. now She gives me Her Heart in exchange for mine. Ah!..........Holy Mama You’re here, You’re here once again.

            “ Yes beloved daughter, I will not abandon you, nor will I abandon My children.”

iveta:…….. look at the Sun, it is radiantly spinning, dancing all around. Oh Holy Mama. Ah Holy Mama, Holy Mama………….

            “Beloved children now I desire to make known the message of God The Holy Spirit My Spouse. You will find Him no where except in silence. He is The Author of The Fountain of Grace and Love of God, You will receive Him through The Consecrated  hands of My beloved Chosen Sons, My Priests, many of whom today are present here. They are healing instruments for your infirmities.

            Understand through reconciliation, begins the first healing and then the anointing of their Holy Hands Consecrated to make JESUS present here that you may be fortified with this Grace. The Holy Spirit is the Author of these times, He will make all things known to you plainly. Know and understand He only desires your silence, there He will impart every Knowledge, every Wisdom and Understanding that you desire and there you will understand the good and evil.

            Now beloved children prepare to receive The Holy Spirit, as I Bless another Image, a ‘Medal’ that has been entrusted to My beloved Chosen Son Reverend Father Conceição, Conceição in My Name, Immaculate Conception, I love him dearly, and now I Bless The ‘Medal’.


This ‘Medal’ now will go throughout the World through him for Veneration. Amen.”

Iveta:……. Thank You Holy Mother…….. Thank You. You said this would be Your Last, is this true?

            “Yes, My beloved daughter, cleophas, little one of Mine and My JESUS, I cannot promise you any happiness on Earth, happiness awaits you in Heaven.”

Iveta:………Thank You Holy Mama, make it soon to finish what God has assigned me to do.

            “Know and understand My beloved children I will not leave you, this is My last Visitation on this Holy Mountain through this little daughter of Mine, your beloved sister cleophas, I will be with you as Mary of Nazareth walking on this Holy Mountain, many of you will encounter this in various forms, I will not abandon you, I Love you dearly.

            Beloved children, I desire with great desire that you pray for your Holy Father, My beloved Chosen Son, The Bishop of Rome, His Holiness Pope Francis I, also Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, the hidden Pope, much prayer is required, the enemy is rising but he will not be able to conquer till the hour of God, is to be. By that the understanding is your Holy Father will always be with you even in the underground  moments of the Holy Mother the Catholic Church, this is all you need to know. Be not afraid, be not anxious, only entrust all into My Immaculate Heart and pray, pray, pray beloved children the Holy Rosary in your families, come together in your Communities, come together on this Holy Mountain, for through it much can be bought and satan will be kept afar.

            Beloved children, know and understand now, you are entering a great heavy moment upon Earth. The fury of God is kindled, yet through your prayers I can buy this moment for more time for conversion of many of My children that are astray. It is upon you I lay this yoke to pray for all your brothers and sisters, do not give up, there is hope always in God. I Love you dearly.

I Am The Mother Of God, The Mediatrix Of All Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven, The Immaculate Conception, by Whose power I will crush satan. Amen.”

Iveta:……. Bye Holy Mother……The Sun is spinning around Her. She walks all around and i see Her no more.