1 pm: Stations of the Cross, Rosary
2 pm: Adoration
245 pm: Divine Mercy followed by Our Lady's Presentation
330 pm: Holy Sacrifice of Mass

Holy Sacrifice of Mass

Inside the Chapel

Divine Mercy

iveta:…………….. He is here Ah He’s here Oh……….,I’m terrified Oh……..Oh………Oh……Oh………..Oh………Oh……….Oh……Oh…………………. terrifying…..terrifying……….. St. Michael, Oh ….. Who can stand in Your presence ? Oh… St. Michael, St. Michael, St. Michael Oh..Oh..Oh…Oh…Oh..Oh..

St. Michael speaks:“ Rise daughter , I am here”
iveta: Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. Oh. .Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. Oh. What does Thou want of me? What does Thou want of me? Oh…..Oh…. ……………..

St. Michael speaks: “I am St. Michael, be not afraid, it is your first apparition. I am The Archangel Who has come down from God to defend the Elect. I am St. Michael Who stands in the presence of God here before you at the command of God. I come before you to bring to bring before you the ‘Word of God’ .I come to defend God’s elect in this time of chaos in the entire World. I come in understanding of the labor pains that are close arising of the persecution. I come with the desire of God.    
This morning I made known the desire of God. At the right hand of this gate , the entrance of this Holy Mountain , I desire that an image depicting Me holding the Spear and the dragon who I have pinned down and the Scales, The spear in My left hand and the Scales in My right hand , a life ( size) Statue be erected . You will understand in the days ahead of what it means. I am St. Michael Who stands in the presence of God , here before you this day begging you to live a life of Holiness and to invoke My presence and renew devotion to Me in these times that I may defend God’s elect, Amen.”
Vision iveta speaks : Now He withdraws and now I see Him coming once again and behind Him is The Queen of Heaven as The Mother of God, dressed in Gold, with a Crown of twelve Stars.             iveta ask her husband Felix : sprinkle Holy Water on me . …..Thank You Holy Mother, thank You Holy Mother. Now He (St. Michael)  presents Our Lady. He steps to Her Right side and She comes forth. Now She exchanges Her Heart for mine and gives me the Grace to see Her.

iveta in ecstasy:..  Oh …… Holy Mama, Ah………Holy Mama ……….You are here Oh……… What is it that God desires of this nothing.

OUR LADY speaks:
            “ Daughter now make known; My beloved children I have come down from Heaven once again and I thank you for responding to My request to present yourselves here before Me  in a Consecration to My Immaculate Heart . I will not abandon you. I assure you of My Motherly love. I come today to make known to you the Motherly love that I desire to restore all My children back to God, you must help Me. I come before you  today to assure you that should you invoke Me and Consecrate yourself each morning to My Immaculate Heart and teach your brethren in this manner, I will not abandon you , I will lead you through these moments of the persecution that is fast arising. Beloved children you are at the last hours of the birth pangs of heavy labour of the persecution before the great apostasy. Be not troubled, be not anxious, be not afraid, I Am with you through it all.
Our Lady's Presentation
            I thank You My beloved Chosen Sons for coming before Me this day, it is through You that My beloved children will come to know the Mercy of God, that this year will be proclaimed such, by His Holiness, your Holy Father, My beloved Chosen Son Pope Francis I, in union with Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI , the hidden Pope that prays for this World of yours. Without His prayers you would not be able to endure the suffering.                                                                            
 Beloved children I come before you to ask of you now especially My Chosen Sons to remain in solidarity with your Bishops in all Dioceses in which God has placed you and you My beloved children to be obedient to your Shepherds. Pay heed to what they say, return to the Sacraments, especially Reconciliation with God of most importance and receive The Holy Eucharist.  Spend great moments with My Divine Son Who waits for you.                                                                  
      Beloved children I ask of you, especially My Chosen Sons and all Religious to remain in Solidarity with the Holy Father. He will lead you through these moments.”

Vision: Oh…………………. Oh. ………………………..Oh……………………… Oh…………………Oh ………….Oh …………………….Oh ……. Oh………….. She is opening hell  Ah Oh…………………………… so many Souls are perishing…Ah…………………………
At the time of Vision of hell

“Beloved children, I desire that you pray for sinners, so many are falling into the bottomless pit and I cannot save them. Help Me beloved children and I will promise you My fidelity to ensure you Eternal Happiness with God.                                                                       
                          My only desire is to restore you to My Beloved and Divine Son Who I as Mediatrix Of All Graces , Co Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven pleading for you and your World, soon it will come to be a proclamation on Earth and then you will see the power of God descending upon those that are faithful to Me.

Beloved children I desire with great desire to make known to you this is My second last apparition on this Holy Mountain, My Visitation to you  but I will always be here on this Mountain as the Woman Who walked in Nazareth, Mary Virgin of Nazareth .
  I desire with great desire that you bring forth a life size image to venerate Me as The Mother of God and when I Am proclaimed as Mediatrix Of All Graces , Co Redemptrix and Advocate by your Holy Father then you will place these last Words upon …………………………………………….                                                                                       
I assure you that this Holy Mountain will remain un-desecrated. You will understand in the days ahead.                                                                                                                             
I love you dearly.                                                                                                    
I Am The Mother of God.     
I Am your Heavenly Mother waiting for you, wanting you to invoke Me and I will lead you, each one of you My beloved children by your hand and cuddle you and embrace you in your suffering.  
I love you dearly.                                                                                                                      
Go in the peace of My JESUS ,Amen”                                                                                                     
“there will be a Miracle this day , you will know, Amen”   

iveta: I see Her no more. “ Amen.”

....“there will be a Miracle this day , you will know, Amen”....(this occurred at Holy Mass later)    

OCTOBER 13TH 2015    Visions and healings insights. Amen.

JESUS is crucified by many of the children whose parents pray for them and the Lord promises this day that their prayers will be answered and Conversion will come, they will receive a heart to repent for their offenses and return to God and He ask all these women to continue to pray for them and for the children of other women who do not pray for their children. Amen.

For all those who are living in sin especially the Consecrated sins of the flesh , sin of Sodom here the Lord today gives them the Grace to side they only have to desire to return to God and the ways of truth that which leads to life and life Eternal . Amen.

JESUS is stripped of His Garment. Pieces of His Sacred Flesh begin to fall as they whip Him and here the Lord reveals this is the state of the domestic Church today, only prayer , only prayer can return it to order .
JESUS reassures the parents and the families who have come here today seeking reconciliation of family that order will come. He will hear prayers and answer their cries , and their  suffering. Amen.
The wombs there scarred  by the sin of Abortion .
JESUS desire to heal them and to give them the Grace to rise and help others to not repeat this offence but to live the peace and harmony of being reconciled through Confession. Amen.

JESUS is crucified , being nailed and as our Blessed Mother watches Her Son, She prays as Co – Redemptrix and interceding before JESUS The Redeemer , suffering right now and She in Her Heart and  Her Soul for the children whose parents weep for them to return home who have abandon their faith and their families . She intercedes to bring them together. They must only believe and continue to pray for the children of other women and other parents who are suffering and do not know what to do.
JESUS also opens the wombs of those who lie barren . They must only believe and the couple must make a good Confession. JESUS desires through the intercession of His Holy Mother to heal these wombs and open them, Amen.

 As JESUS takes His last breath , He does this when The Holy Sacrifice is raised at every Holy Mass . Here as Our Lady at the foot of the Cross takes us as Her children , She begs us to return to The Holy Sacrifice for all the Catholics, who have abandon Catholicism , who have abandon the Sacraments to return top the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Communion to the Holy Sacrifice with God that  they may be strengthen  and be warriors, making ‘JESUS’ known in The Holy Eucharist which is the true food of Peace. Amen.

……………………… to assure the parents who have suffered miscarriages that they must offer a Holy Sacrifice and name the child and with a Baptism and that they will be rewarded by God with children, as Our Lady holds the parents in Her arms in this sorrowful moment, Amen.
……………… who pray today , the countless Creatures united with us today, the Souls will receive healing first of peace, where peace does not reign , as their bodies are placed on the lifeless Body of JESUS , Our Holy Mother as Co-Redeemer now looking at The Redeemer intercedes for them.

1: Healing of Brain injury.
2: Healing of the Eyes, restoration of right anf left ey.
3: Healing of sinuses.
4: Healing of migraine headaches.
5: Healing of Ears , the deafness that people are suffering , who pray that God would release them.
6: Healing of throat Cancer.
  Lung cancer.
 7: Healing of the Kidneys.
8: Healing of the Uterus, cancer of the uterus.
9: Healing of the cancer of the bone.
10: Healing of Cancer of the blood , Leukemia
11: Healing of knee injuries.
12: Healing of Ankles, from accidents
13:  Healing of the feet , restoration.
14: Healing of Leprosy.

,iveta speaks: I am only at this time able to bring only these, as my body now prepares to suffer in my hours of solitude in my home for these, Amen.

15: ………… suffering from Heart condition . JESUS desires to heal them and asks that they make a good Confession, when they return to order, Amen.



The message and healing insights were read out at Chapel of Our Lady of Piety, Monte Margao Goa India on Sat 24th October 2015 after Mass:-

330 pm Rosary

400 pm Holy Sacrifice of Mass

Iveta spoke and answered questions

Please come with a contrite heart and make a good confession before coming

August 12th 2015                     Wednesday 3 pm

--------  Holy Mama has been praying with us.  Now She’s here standing on a cloud and though the little cloud is holding Her Feet, Jesus is in Her Immaculate Heart in the monstrance.  The Archangels are prostrated before Her.  She is dressed in the attire of Our Lady of Fatima.  The three shepherd children are also praying with us, Blessed Jacinta, Blessed Francisco and Blessed Sister Lucia.  St Michael rises from His prostrated position and moves to Our Lady’s right.  There is no Altar or wall.  We are surrounded by a bright light. Archangel Michael bows at us, raises His head and moves forward.  Now, Our Lady bows in greeting to us, raises Her Head and smiles. 

St Michael speaks,
“Beloved children of God, I Am St Michael known to you as St Michael who stands at the right Hand of God, now before you at the command of Our Heavenly Queen, the Mother of God, Our Heavenly Mother,  Our Heavenly Mother bringing you Her Words, the Words of God’s Holy Spirit. ”  

He pauses and He speaks; “My beloved children, I thank you for responding to My request to pray for the needs of your world in such disharmony, in such sorrow, and in such chaos for they do not pray.  It is through the St Joseph’s Community Centre at Foymount  this little prayer surfaces to meet the needs of so many of My children who would otherwise not receive the Graces God desires to bestow upon them who are seeking God and know not how to find Him.  I love you dearly beloved children and I commend you for doing as I have asked.  It pleases Me much and through Me it pleases Jesus My Divine Son Your Saviour, and through Him it pleases the Heavenly Father Who sees all things through My Immaculate Heart resting into the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son Jesus, The Redeemer and I as Co-Redemptrix.  Only do as I have asked and continue in this manner.  Keep in harmony, worry not about the faults in many of your brethren who come before you.  Yes, it is well for you to address the wrongness at the moment it is taking place for otherwise how else will they know.   Their conscience has grown dull through such activity of lawlessness which seems as the world would say a small sin, a white lie.  There is no such thing, Sin is Sin before God and offends God and bring the wrath of God in whatever form or measure it is committed, Amen. “

Now He pauses and He speaks,
“My beloved children, I desire now to bring before you this Word of welcoming all My children on the Holy Mountain of Mt Batim Ganxim on the Thirteenth day of the Tenth month of the year Two Thousand and Fifteen (13.10.2015), 

And now She speaks to Her children,
“My beloved children, It is your Heavenly Mother once again desiring that you come before Me on the Holy Mountain of Mt Batim Ganxim as I desire to bring before you and through you to the whole World a message of comfort, a message of understanding of these times, a message of knowing the power of My Immaculate Heart and how the Archangels and Saints are here now at your request.  It will come through this little one of Mine and My Jesus, your beloved sister, My beloved daughter Cleophas.

 Beloved children, Come!  Come!  Come!

I desire to bestow upon you Graces you are lacking as you are in much sorrow of seeing the events unfold all around you and stand confused.  I desire to bring order in your Souls. 
I love you dearly,
I Am The Mother of God,
 The Mediatrix of all Graces
Co-Redemptrix and  Advocate in Heaven.

Through your prayers and your fidelity to Me it will come to be on Earth, only pray in the manner I have made known and pray for your Holy Father Pope Francis in need of your prayers. Pray for your Holy Father, Emeritus Pope Benedict the XVI  in need of your prayers also, I love you dearly, Amen ”

She bows, comes close and St Michael speaks again, “Beloved children now go in peace of the Blessed Mother as the Mother of God, Queen of peace, Your Heavenly Mother, the Mediatrix of all Graces, Co-Redemptrix, and Advocate, your Advocate now pleading for you constantly to obtain the Graces and Gifts and the Fortitude necessary for you to carry on this mission.  She loves you dearly, do not offend Her for in doing so you offend God.  I am St Michael ready when you invoke Me to be your Commander in the assaults of the evil forces that are often directed towards you and your Mission Amen.” 

He bows and comes and prostrates in front of Me.  The other two Archangels rise and move behind us and prostrate.  Our Lady bows raises Her Head and smiles.  Our Altar returns and Our Lady ascends with the three shepherd children as though holding Her gown at the back like little Angels and I see them no more, Amen. 

To gain Graces on this day, come with a contrite heart and make a good prior confession.

MAY 13TH 2015, Wednesday 9.00 AM, FEAST OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA
Our Lady was here (Canada) for a while praying with us.  She still is here.  I said was because there presented itself a vision prior to Her being here. I saw Heaven open and the Throne of Our Blessed Mother on which She was seated as Queen of Heaven and Earth and there She stood and took off Her Crown and placed It on the Seat of Her Throne  and then She was seen standing on an Angel who was none other than St. Michael and She descended to Earth and is before us.  Her attire is all white as in Our Lady of Fatima as the Mother of God in Batim.  Gold rays emanate all around Her and radiated around us because behind Her there is the Sun very bright and at the bottom of Her Garment are rainbow colours. 

Now She is before us.  Our Altar isn’t there.  Jesus is seen in Her Immaculate Heart in the Monstrance.  Her joined Hands are now like in the Mediatrix of all Graces with the pearl white Rosary in Her right Hand and the Mediatrix of all Graces Scapular in Her left Hand.  St. Michael is quiet huge and He moves from Her right hand and comes forward and prostrates before Her then comes before us, a foot away.  Our Lady is three feet away.  St. Michael has His fairly large sword pointing downwards.  He smiles and speaks,
“Beloved children of God, with the delight of God  I come before you to commend you for your diligent and zealous effort to make up for all that was wanting in you with the………….

Our Lady speaks, “…………Know and understand beloved children, I Am with you through it all, do as I have asked.   No suffering and no unwanted weight will befall you if you constantly entrust all to My Immaculate Heart and invoke My Motherly Mantle, My Immaculate Mantle around you, Amen.  I desire with great desire to thank all those this day who gathered on My Holy Mountain, Mount Batim, Ganxim, to venerate Me and to bring the witness to all God’s children by their fidelity to be present before Me .  I Am ever so close to them, they must know so.  I will Bless them with a Gracious Blessing and their needs.  I will heed as a Mother heeds the needs of Her children. I will comfort some and some I will restore the fullness of their health  where My adversary brought an unnecessary suffering upon them, and those who must endure suffering for the glory of God, I will strengthen. Make known to them I love them dearly.  Make known to My chosen Son who raises this moment before Me in union with the sheep and the lambs gathered this day on the Holy Mountain of Mount Batim, Ganxim.  I Am with him through it all and I thank him for carrying this mission forth in his time here on this Holy Mountain, My beloved chosen Son Reverend Father Anthony.  There are others present and I thank them too.  I know them by name, in My Heart they are.  Amen. 

I Am the Mother of God,
I Am Our Lady of Fatima,
I Am the Mediatrix of all Graces, Co – Redemtrix and Advocate in Heaven.

Through your prayers beloved children, I will come to be known under this title on Earth and will be able to dispense the Graces and Gifts and the protection needed for My children in the times of the persecution.  Be not afraid, be not anxious, know that My Motherly Mantle protects you.  Amen.  I Am your Heavenly Mother Who loves you dearly and desires your Holiness.  Amen.”  

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