Our Lady, to iveta of Batim/ Canada, on 5th to 6th November 2020, <<......Ask of them to do what has come to be known, *The Thirty Three day Consecration*, and My Divine Spirit will direct them, of My beloved Saint Marie Louie de Montfort. I thank you immensely......>>

If you could not join earlier,  today 20 Feb is a good day to start, with the Consecration day on 25 March. 

St Louis de Montfort developed a specific 33-day program consisting of various prayers and readings to *help the faithful detach themselves from the world and bond themselves more closely with Christ through the example and intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary*. 

Use the links below to follow along with the daily readings and prayers every day for the full 33 days, 

*Thu25th March 2021: Consecration Day | Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary / That is, after the 33-day program is completed, the Act of Consecration is made together by joining this link.*

Message received by iveta cleophas fernandes on the 24th September 2020

Our Lady speaks:

“ Now My beloved of The Beloved , since you were not prepared on that day, I made known to you that you must be prepared at all times , it is your primary duty to receive the Word, I will entrust a portion of it, the message that was received at the foot of The Cross on the Twenty fourth of the ninth month of the year twenty twenty ( 24 -09 – 2020 ).”

Now She speaks to all er beloved children Known as Devotees of Batim and all those who pray with Her and prayed with Her that Day. :

“ My beloved children, how I thank you for remembering this day and keeping in prayer in Solidarity with Me to mark My first Visitation on this Holy Mountain of Mount Ganxim , Batim, the Visitation site of Saint Simon and saint Jude , the Holy roman Catholic Church , the day being the Twenty fourth day of the ninth month of the year nineteen ninety four. I thank you immensely for praying.

I thank My beloved son ....... for initiating and making known this request to pray . I thank him immensely for also invoking the Church’s Militant to raise up prayer. Known and understand , it is in this manner God is teaching you to pray The Holy Rosary when pestilence befalls you, when famine befalls you and disaster befalls you, you must pray in Solidarity in this manner. This is the power of The Holy Rosary that I had made known to many Chosen Souls in the past and still desire to make known for your World especially.

I thank all My beloved children for praying for this little one their beloved sister cleophas of Mine and My JESUS on the Birthday that is the twenty fifth day of the ninth month of the year twenty twenty. You raised many prayers and she has offered them up and suffered within her being that day for your intentions. It is in this way you will keep the communion and union with The Body Of CHRIST.

Know and understand the medicine I have made known , you must intake it to protect yourselves against this demonic spirit of the corona virus known as covid nineteen . Should you not you will have to endure its suffering . Be aware you will now soon enter the Second birth – pang coming into being. This little one of Mine and My JESUS has pleaded to give you time so that The Church’s may be open and you may receive The Body and Blood of The Redeemer to undergo these moments. I have interceded for this intention , for you but do not ,” ( iveta : heavy is my heart Mother ) “ do not overlook this time that I Am giving you, heed My request , make known to others even those not of the Faith, you must now prepare and give it to them should they desire it. Amen.

I Love you dearly. I Am The Mother Of God , The Mediatrix of All Grace , Co – Redeemptrix and Advocate , awaiting to be proclaimed on Earth. Amen.”

( Special message for His Grace Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao.)

She pauses and now She speaks again: “ My beloved Chosen Son , your Grace Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao, I thank you immensely for opening the doors to My Visitation Site , you have always pleased Me and I will always be ready to help you when you call on Me. Be not afraid , be not anxious , yes you have much to suffer for your Diocese and for The Church, The Catholic Church in India, Goa. Amen.

( Special message for Reverend Fr. Ubaldo Fernandes )

And you My beloved Chosen Son Reverend Father Ubaldo ( Fernandes ) , I thank you for making straight your path and raising The Holy Sacrifice in The Church now dedicated to Saint Simon and Saint Jude and honouring Me as The Mother Of God and My Birthday The Immaculate Conception for I was Immaculately Conceived too in My Mother’s Womb. You have consoled Me by making straight your path, I will help you help Me.

Will you help Me in doing what I had made known in the past as you have come to be known as the Parish Priest of that Church on My Visitation Site ? Rebuild it for Me , worry not of the means , My children, My beloved children will come forth , only do as I have asked and entrust all into My Immaculate Heart .

I love you dearly . I Am Your Heavenly Mother and thank all My beloved children who sang so beautifully and brought forth The Holy Sacrifice to the whole World to see it. Amen.  

Our Lady speaks to iveta): Now little one of Mine and My JESUS , I will come at The Hour of Divine Mercy to receive this suffering for the intention, I have made known to you for which you are suffering.”

( Vision : iveta speaks of: )

......... Now She points to The Little Infant JESUS and She is showing me the cup is overflowing with this suffering of so many Souls , who have abandoned The Church , and the Little Infant JESUS Whose Face is fearful , yet in the Arms of His Holy Mother , He turns and He looks at Her and He lifts up His little left Hand and He touches Her Chin and receives Consolation of strength .

Our Lady speaks: “ Become like this little Infant JESUS in My Arms.” “ Amen.”

Message ( during suffering of 24 hours : 5th to 6th November 2020.

Our Lady speaks:

“ ...... Make Known to My beloved children again, it is of great importance for them to embrace what has come to be known as ‘The Spiritual and Natural Remedy’ , the syrup that I had made known . Yes it seems so foolish in the eyes of the wise , yet it is the Power of God and the Grace in it, The Sacramental that will destroy the power of evil that no other can do so. It is a battle between good and evil .

You are coming to the threshold of the Second birth pang . I will make know in the days ahead, how you must prepare and yes My beloved children , the hour is befalling now where you will soon renounce what come to be known as the registration number of St. Joseph’s Community Centre At Foymount , yet The Charity will go forth , for it will compel you if you hold on to it to follow the teachings of My adversary.......”

She pauses and speaks:

My beloved of The Beloved , i thank you immensely for working , on what is called , the Second , book ‘ The Suffering and The Thesis of Purgatory’.It is important for you to diligently finish it. I will give you Grace.

Know and understand My beloved children need to know the direction they must take. It is what your Spiritual Father once , now with Me in Heaven called affirmation , they will need this affirmation . Much will be unfolding . I thank you immensely for doing all that I have asked of you. I will help you , continue in this manner and teach others to do the same.

Gather My people who desire to come to this Mountain , to this My Refuge by placing them all into My Immaculate Heart and Consecrating them.

Ask of them to do what has come to be known , The Thirty Three day Consecration , and My Divine Spirit will direct them, of M y beloved Saint marie Louie de Montforth. I thank you immensely.

( iveta was in suffering for the people that have abandoned Their Faith, in this first birth – pang of , The Great Apostasy known as the pandemic , and desire to return to God. They have witnessed their loved ones perish but their hearts desire to return to God and their Catholic Faith.

This suffering will give them the Grace to return to The Catholic faith . )