24 Sep 2019: 25 years Celebration


25 years Celebration of Our Lady’s First Visitation on The Holy Mountain of Mt Ganxim - Batim, Goa India, Our Blessed Mother Speaks to all Her Children - 24th September 2019


About 1,500 along with 10 Priests and about 25 nuns attended the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of Our Lady's First Visitation to Mt Ganxim Batim on 24 Sep 2019. There was Stations of the Cross, Adoration, Divine Mercy, Confessions, Rosary, Holy Mass and then the visionary Iveta spoke briefly.

The entire celebration was broadcast live via YouTube channel. Iveta looked at the sun continuously as Our Lady spoke the Message through her.

The main celebrant at Holy Mass was Fr Simiao Fernandes from the Pastoral Institute, who preached on the character of Marian Apparitions in general. Fr Conceicao D'Silva also spoke and Fr Ubaldo Fernandes the Parish Priest sang a solo song.

Many experienced supernatural phenomenon right from the Eucharistic Miracle when Iveta received Holy Communion, seeing Our Lady, sun spinning, different colours, tears of joy, perfume smell, etc. 

This confirms God's intervention through Our Lady.

Pilgrims came from Canada, Delhi, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh,  Kerala, etc; the largest from Bombay.

Although the weather forecast was heavy rain, this did not happen few days before and there were showers of blessings as the celebrations ended.

All Glory to the Most Holy Trinity through Our Blessed Mother

Praise God
Hail Mary

PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS, Save and Protect us. Amen

Our Lady’s Visitation on the 25th Anniversary of Her First Visitation on
The Holy Mountain of Mount Ganxim / Batim (24th September 2019)

Our Blessed Mother Speaks to all Her beloved Children on the 24th September 2019 (3:00 pm).

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Our Lady’s Message from 45:07 to 1:05:35

Vision: She is descending at this time....Our beautiful Holy Mother...She is dressed in all white....She has a Tiara as a Crown and a Cross on the Tiara....She is unusual....Her Immaculate Heart is wide open...Her arms are in this position (see video), as She comes down.....and She has the Catholic Church, the Vatican in Her Immaculate Heart.

iveta: “Oh Holy Mother, I didn’t think i could do this....i beg mercy now, You are here....You promised me today that i would be well, and Yes Mother, i am well.....”

Our Lady: “Only believe daughter, only believe.”

iveta: “Here She is. She is greeting all of you as She bows and She seems to go all around, greeting all of you, an unusual moment. A Grace has been bestowed upon all Her Priests, a light from Her Immaculate Heart is piercing the hearts of Her Priests present here and the brides of Christ, Her Immaculate daughters.”

She comes......and She comes.......and here She is:

(Our Lady speaks):
       “My beloved children, My beloved Chosen Sons, My beloved Chosen Daughters, how pleasing an odour you are to me. You have gathered in such large numbers. If you only understood this moment, you are the force that will go forth in these hours of darkness against the culture of death to build the Culture of Life as God intended it from the beginning.
       I desire with great desire to thank you immensely and to you all who have been faithful to Me from the first moment I descended upon this Holy Mountain and claimed it for God. You will understand this day, be patient with your heavenly Mother, for I have much to disclose to you

       This I speak now to the Shepherd of this Diocese, My beloved Chosen Son, the Archbishop, His Grace Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao. I thank you immensely for welcoming Me, though I knew you would not be present here  and the Diocese known as the sister Diocese of Goa, in Heaven, His Grace Bishop Alwyn Barreto. I Am aware of your presence needed elsewhere, yet it is the duty of your Heavenly Mother to welcome you and to make you aware of Her presence that will descend upon this Holy Mountain. Without your permission, it would not be possible.

       I thank you immensely and now I desire with great desire to place a yoke upon your shoulder. This yoke, I desire with great desire that this Holy Church, once a full and living Tabernacle of God, bringing souls back to God, that lies in a state of semi ruins, be Rebuilt and Consecrated to Me under The Title of:
        “Mary, Mother of The Church: Our Lady of Mount Ganxim / Batim.”

       I promise you, My beloved Chosen sons, I will not leave this burden upon your shoulders, I ask all my beloved children now present here and all those who are watching this moment through electronic devices made possible, to carry this yoke as Simon of Cyrene did. With your help, this Church will be Rebuilt and you will understand it’s meaning in the days ahead.”

Now, She pauses and She speaks again:

      “My beloved children, I now as your Heavenly Mother warn you of a great evil that is tearing the internal forum of The Catholic Church under the disguise of living the Orthodox nature of The Catholic Church, yet dismantling themselves from The Holy Father, The Head of The Catholic Church. How then will you see beloved children? This I speak to My faithful and My Chosen Sons and Daughters also involved in this movement called:”

iveta: (i cannot pronounce that word Mother skism) Schism” (i am not sure).

Holy Mother: “Do not worry, continue, they will understand.”

iveta: okay.

Holy Mother continues: “I assure (you) that this reigning Pope is neither the anti pope nor the anti – Christ, he is coming soon and will sit on the Throne of Peter as a desolate sacrilegious. His reign must come to be that the Power and Glory of God will come to be known. Yet fear not. I Am with you. I will walk with you, I will run with you and I will carry you to skip these moments of darkness. Only Entrust all into My Immaculate Heart.  Amen.

       Now, I desire with great desire that you pray for your Holy Father, My beloved Chosen Son, His Holiness Pope Francis I in union with Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, the hidden Pope who prays for your world.  I Am aware that you have prayed for them, continue in this manner, it pleases Me much and many blessings will you receive for generations to come. Amen.”

Then, She pauses and She addresses the other:

       “Now I desire with great desire to make known The Well, that contained The Holy Water to bring forth prodigies and healings, first Spiritual and then Physical, must be Re Blessed, by My beloved Chosen Sons present here, for the waters were tampered. God neither deceives nor can He be deceived. Know and understand, This Well is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, such is the Conversion of sinners that will come to drink of this water and The Custodian is St. Michael. Yet unless God issues an order, He cannot do anything, except watch in suffering, as I do.

       Now also I desire to make known the understanding of the vices that came to be upon these premises. They were allowed by God for you, that you may understand the seriousness and the damage that lies in The Domestic Church. These are My little ones who have been lowered in loss and pursuit of love by those seeking to exploit them and have used them to plant these devices to make room for a greater evil. You will understand this in the days ahead. Yet may they know that I Am their Heavenly Mother and I walked on these grounds as Mary of Nazareth, as I did when I was in Nazareth and watched it all.

       Yet now, I withdraw as Mary of Nazareth and remain as The Mother of God hovering over This Church and These premises and from here The World will understand that Batim lies under the shadow of Fatima and yet it is the forerunner of the Future to build the Culture of Life into The Era of Peace where man will walk with God in The Holy Eucharist. Amen.”

Now She pauses and She speaks again:

      “My beloved Chosen Sons, upon You rests the weight of this terrible darkness, yet fear not. Know and understand the Power entrusted by God to you. You stand in the highest rank of man. Your Office is of a higher Office. Do not compromise. Only know that You have the power to exorcise all these children out of the spirits of darkness and bring them into The Spirit of Light.

       Know and understand also that You must take The Sacramental Grace awarded to You and entrusted unto You, by JESUS My Divine Son, The (High) Priest in Whose Footsteps You follow, to carry this Mission and to lead The Church in union with Your Holy Father. Remain faithful to Him.

       And You, upon You My beloved Chosen Daughters, The Brides of Christ, rest a very heavy weight to bring into being and to teach the children of The Domestic Church, to lead them to understand The Will of God into The Understanding of The Culture of Life against all that is being preached to them by the culture of death. You will understand these moments. Amen.”

iveta: “Now, She seems to go back.”

Our Lady, “Do you understand The Church into My Immaculate Heart?”

iveta, “No Mother, how can i? i am only a child.”

(Holy Mother continues to speak):

        “I will protect the Church. I Am The Mother of this Holy Church entrusted by God to all humanity. And at this very moment, I place another yoke on the shoulder of The Shepherd of this Diocese. When The Church is rebuilt, I desire with great desire that it be entrusted into the Custody of The Order known as The Carmelite Order.  The understanding is this, is simple, the Mediatrix of All Grace Scapular has its origin in The Carmelite Scapular, that is My Garment.

       I beg of You now My beloved Chosen Sons and Daughters to take a deeper love to come upon this Mountain and administer The Pastoral Care needed for the sheep that will come who are in distress and need your help.

       Will you help Me?

       I love you dearly. I am your heavenly Mother. I will help you. Amen.”

Now, She pauses and speaks again:

       “Now My beloved children, My non Catholics as they have been called, yet they are My sons and daughters too. They have not understood the love of God as you have and Who God truly Is, yet they have virtues pleasing to God. Now, here I address as Mother pleading with Her beloved sons who have yet to know Her and yet She loves them.

       My beloved sons and daughters known as non Catholics, this I address to the reigning Government as it has been called The Modi Government and The BJP Government. I appeal to you and I beg you for Mercy for all the heaps of insults that have been laid upon you, instead of simply praying and forgiving as JESUS would have done. I beg you to understand the weakness of these faithful ones of Mine and help them to understand your manner of thinking. Walk and work in harmony to build The Culture of Life and you will see the fruits of these moments.

       I Am your Heavenly Mother, you have yet to know Me, but I know you and I Iove you and I assure you I will pray for you every moment and ensure that you reach Heaven and are among those Chosen. Amen.

       I desire now with great desire to thank all My beloved children present here to understand that you have walked in fidelity for a quarter of a Century with Me and yet there is much to accomplish and it will be so, for God never fails in His promise of Love and His promise to bring Love to all man, as the Mother of All Mankind, of All Humanity. I love you all and I thank you immensely. I Am the Mother of God, always present, reminding all Mothers once again who are failing, to Consecrate their children by name every morning and entrust them into My Immaculate Heart. I will take care of them. Only know that I can do so in these days. I love you dearly.

       I Am The Mother of God, The Mediatrix of All Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven, awaiting to be proclaimed on Earth. Amen.”

iveta: “Now She rises, yet She leaves The Miracle of The Sun behind, so many can bear witness.
The St. Michael prayer is recited.

“In The Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Eucharistic miracle from 1:35:00 to 1:38:06 and from 1:47:18 to 1:50:34

[Transcribed by iveta]


Precious Blood of JESUS, Save and Protect us. Amen.

Part of Message of the 29th March 2019

Vision:..................... Now She pauses and She brings before me the vision of Herself where She came earlier as Our Lady of Grace and behind Her was the vision of Divine Mercy, JESUS as Divine Mercy.

Our Lady speaks: You did see right My beloved daughter, little one of Mine and My JESUS cleophas, for this is the understanding I now desire to place before you.

       It is The desire of God Our FATHER, God The SON and God The HOLY SPIRIT, My Spouse to grant a single privilege that I come before you, to be understood as a Blessing to be initiated for the twenty five years marking My first Visitation on The Holy Mountain of Mount Batim Ganxim on the grounds of the Church known and dedicated to St. Jude and St. Simon. There I will come once again at the Hour of Divine Mercy to initiate and impart this Blessing on all My children who have carried My request and many who still from that first Visitation are present to this day who come occasionally to pay their visit to Me. This can be understood in this manner.

       I desire with great desire to welcome and invite all My beloved children, My Priests, My Nuns Religious known as and all My beloved children to this moment. It is a great moment to be understood, a quarter of a Century has gone by and many things have come into being that will mark the Salvation of mankind, to be understood as Batim is the forerunner of the future that lies under the shadow of Fatima.

       Make known also to My beloved Chosen Son, The Bishop of The Diocese of Goa, His Grace Achbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao, I desire to invite him to raise The Holy Sacrifice. Invite all My Priests not only in Goa but all over the World to come. You will understand this moment in the days ahead.

      I love him dearly, I thank him for allowing Me to condescend on this Holy Mountain which lies in his Diocese and to honor Me by his presentation that he came to be in the year gone by to pay his honor and his respect to Me in reverence. Amen.

       I desire with great desire also to invite your Spiritual Father My beloved Chosen Son His Grace Bishop Alwyn Barreto for the occasion. I leave it in this understanding at this moment............................................

       I love you dearly. I Am The Mother of God, The Mediatrix of All Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven. I Am your Heavenly Mother, The Immaculate Conception. Amen.”


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