She’s already here. Our altar is no more and the full image of Our Lady is here. On either side of Her are two Archangels St Michael on Her right and St Gabriel on Her left.  Archangel Raphael is kneeling in front of us at a higher level than us.  Our Lady has a Rosary in Her Hands.  She is all in White. She speaks (Jesus in the Eucharist is in Her Heart in a little Pix).  

“My beloved children, I thank you for responding to My request to pray in the early hours of this day of My visitation on the Holy Mountain of Mt Ganxim, Batim in the land of your Ancestors, Goa.  

Beloved children, much will come to pass this day.  I desire with great desire to entrust a portion of the message and then a small conclusion.   The main body, I will speak directly when I come.  Beloved children, it is the desire of your Heavenly Mother on this day also celebrated as the as the Feast of Fatima of My visitation many years gone by to the three Shepherd’s (shepherd children), it is this message now coming to pass.  As I come before you this day, you are entering what has come to be known in the book of Revelation, also known as Apocalypse, of the times predicted.  Beloved children pray, pray, pray the Holy Rosary.  It is your weapon against the assaults of My adversary, your adversary, as you are My children Consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.  Beloved children, I desire with great desire to ask that you pray for your Shepherds and pray for the Holy Father much prayer. _ _ _ _ _”

* MAIN BODY (Given in Batim) *
“_ _ _ Pray beloved children, pray that I be proclaimed Mediatrix of All Graces, Co-redemptrix and Advocate.  It is in this manner I will take you into the hours of persecution known as the desert, the desert that has been made known in the book of Revelation.  I am the Woman clothed with the Sun.  Unto Me is entrusted all Power, all Grace for your sake by the Most Holy Trinity.  My desire is to make known to you The Redeemer, Who lives with you in the Holy Eucharist, My Divine Son ‘Jesus’.  Pray, pray, pray for the conversion of all God’s children, for many are astray and it sorrows My Immaculate Heart, Amen.

I love you dearly, I Am the Mother of God, I Am Our Lady of Fatima, I Am the Immaculate Conception, I Am your Heavenly Mother, The Mediatrix of all Graces, I love you dearly, Amen”. 

She bows and then takes a bag from our shoulders, Amen.  

MAY 13th 2013 3.00 PM BATIM (MAIN BODY) *
Iveta:  _ _ _ _ _ There She is_ _ _ descending_ _ _ Oh Holy Mother, Holy Mother _ _ _ _ _ Oh _ _  let Thy children see Thee _ _ _ Ah_ _ _ let them know You are their Mother, embrace Thy children Holy Mother Oh _ _ _ Oh Blessed Mother _ _ _ _ _ .
 She comes with countless Angels; She comes with the sweetest voice. 

“My beloved children, I have descended from Heaven to Bless you and to assure you of My Motherly protection through My beloved chosen sons.  I thank My beloved chosen sons, present here in response to My request to come before Me,  I thank you, I assure you of My Motherly protection.  

I have come to warn you, you are now at the threshold of the great Apostasy. Be united to your Holy Father, His Holiness, Pope Francis I. Stay obedient, be united. Entrust all to My Immaculate Heart.  I Am the Woman clothed in the Sun.  I Am the Woman that will take you in to the desert, Your Heavenly Mother.   Only entrust all to My Immaculate Heart.  I love you beloved children, be witnesses of your faith, be reconciled to Our Lord, My Divine Son ‘Jesus’ in the Holy Sacrament of Reconciliation, through My beloved Chosen Sons, the Priests.  Stay united, We will now run together.  

I love you dearly.  Pray, pray, pray many Rosaries for the fulfillment that I be proclaimed The Mediatrix of all Graces, Co-redemptrix and Advocate.  It is in this manner, I will protect you, for all Power, all Grace has been entrusted by the Most Holy Trinity unto Me.  Be faithful to your fidelity to Me by Consecrating yourselves to My Immaculate Heart.  Beloved children, all Mothers, I call on you today, to entrust all your children into My Immaculate Heart, by name each morning.  There I will protect them, for I Am the Mother of all humanity. 

 I Am the Mother of God, I Am Our Lady of Fatima, The Woman that appeared to the three Shepherds, now present here before you, claiming you for God.
I Am the Immaculate Conception, I Am the Mediatrix of all Graces, Co-redemptrix and Advocate. I love you dearly. Amen”.  

            Iveta: They can now see_ _ _ The Sun is spinning. She is now clothed _ _ _ You can see the Sun descending _ _ _ A Cross appears before me. It is at this time Our Lady desires that all religious articles be raised and all those in the surrounding areas that are present with the intention of being Blessed. She Blesses them and then asks Her chosen Son to Bless them.
These Articles now become Articles of Prodigy, go children conquer Souls for God, Amen.”
Reverend Father Michael Fernandes blesses the Articles in Konkani. Amen.

NOTE: Part of the Message came early in the morning and the Body of the Message was received at Batim.