July 16th 2020


PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS, save and protect us from all evil, amen.

Feast Day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Amen.

July 16th 2020, Thursday 3:00 pm

(First Visitation of Our Holy Mother to iveta on Mount Foymount, Canada)

 Prayers……. Divine Mercy……. Rosaries…….

Vision:.........(Countless Angels descend)They’re all around the Mountain now. Our Lady smiles. She bows in greeting. She is standing on a little cloud, and 

She speaks: 

“My beloved children, how I thank you for responding to My request to pray this day on this Holy Mountain, Mount Foymount. This Visitation is that of the one I was to come on the Twenty fifth day of the Twelfth Month of the year two thousand and nineteen (25-12-2019), I answer it today. It would have been on the Holy Mountain of Mount Ganxim, Batim. 

Know and understand the reason why it is now here, it's journey begins at the root where the first Visitation of Me, Who made known to this little one of Mine and My JESUS, cleophas, was made known in the little house, a hospital once, now a little house in which I presented Myself to her. She knew nothing of Me and today I now open it to the World. Here the World will understand its moment. 

I As Mediatrix of all Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate. 

This Title has been bestowed upon Me by God Our Father, God The Son, My Divine Son JESUS, Our Saviour and God The Holy Spirit.          

I desire with great desire to make known in this Visitation of Mine the hour you are at, yet it is not completed, the first birth pang of the great Apostasy. How it sorrows My Immaculate Heart to see so many of My children already lost in pursuit of another god, they have abandoned the True God. 

Know and understand you must now prepare for the second birth pang, this will be a severe one for you if you do not prepare! You must understand the barter system, you must understand to be self-sufficient that you may not fall prey to the adversary, who will give you everything freely, yet it will cost you the price of your Soul. 

Beloved children, know and understand I Am here to make known to you this moment, where I welcome you into My Immaculate Heart. There I place you into The Sacred Heart of Our Divine Saviour JESUS, secure, and no one will take you or snatch you from Me, if only you are faithful to your Consecration to Me in the early hours of each morning of each new day, and you all you Mothers, I invoke you once again to entrust all your children by name to My Immaculate Heart. Many of you are failing and have become full of anxiety and anxiousness. It is not necessary for you to ponder; you can do nothing! I can do all things, for God has entrusted this moment to Me, as Our Lady of Salvation. Amen.” 

She pauses and She speaks again:         

“Beloved children, it is here today you will understand God's Salvific Plan of being self-sufficient and yet also meeting the needs of those who have less through the Saint Joseph’s Charity, known to the World as the Saint Joseph’s Community Centre at Foymount. It must go to five Continents of the World; there it must bear fruit to preserve the remnant for the future Church. 

To those who cannot understand this moment, I pray you to be faithful to the Gospel and your fidelity to the Holy Magisterium of The Holy Catholic Church, the Holy Father. Here you will understand beloved children, to even be ready to lay down your life for the Truth, the Truth as in JESUS Who will come to dwell in you and give you the strength to endure this moment like He has done to all the Saints and Martyrs, Amen.           

Today I condescend on this Mountain to mark the understanding as ‘Our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate, The Mother of God, I Am She on this Holy Feast day dedicated to Me as ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel ‘. It bears a link and you will understand it through the Scapular Which is My Mantle of love for all My children, My Garment which will clothe you and protect you against the forces of darkness, who seeks to snatch your Souls.......” 

Vision: (iveta) She seems to be walking all around.

She's covering the whole Mountain with Her Garment…. There She is……

Our Lady of Mount Carmel….

Now She comes (and speaks):          

“I thank you immensely for responding to My request to pray at this hour, all My beloved children who have joined in this moment of prayer which has been made known to you, to pray with this little one of Mine and My JESUS, cleophas, your beloved sister. Amen.          

Know and understand now, that I prepare you for the second birth pang of the great Apostasy. It will be a sorrowful moment, yet it must come to be for the Justice of God must descend, that those who have been faithful may be preserved in Faith, and their fidelity for the remnant, for the future Church, the Bride of Christ. Amen.” 

She pauses and She speaks again:           

“I thank My beloved Chosen Son your Spiritual Father who has raised the Holy Sacrifice this day for this moment, I will be with him always, I thank him for embracing you and carrying you at this moment. He is united even at this hour praying with you.……           

Now I desire with great desire to make known, the Peace of JESUS will descend upon you and in your hearts, all those who prayed even on the Holy Mount of Ganxim Batim, though it sorrows My Immaculate Heart to see the state in which it is. Know and understand it is a great suffering for My children to carry that Cross, and the Shepherds who have not heeded My request, have brought much sorrow, yet I love them, only pray for them. Amen.          

Know and understand, now I call on all the Shepherds in this time where My children are suffering and starving for the light of JESUS, they must return to the Sacraments, you must open your hearts to them, you must open the doors to them and lay down your lives for the Sheep that have been entrusted unto you, it is you that the Lord will demand an account of the lost Sheep that go astray.           

I Am with you, take courage, no harm will come to you! I have even made known to you the simple Remedy known as The Spiritual and Natural Remedy ……. I Love you dearly.           

I Am the Mother of God, The Mediatrix of all Grace, Co-Redemptrix and Advocate in Heaven. I await, to be proclaimed on Earth, (through) your prayers and petitioning the Holy Father and also praying for Him......” 

 iveta: ……"look at those clouds dancing, they’re all are circling around Her……Here She is right up. Thank you, Mama". 

Our Lady: “Pray, pray beloved children for your Holy Father. He is in need of your prayers. The Cross is weighing heavy on His shoulders, both the Eastern and the Latin Rite, for many in the hierarchy have embraced contamination and the smoke of satan has entered, to sorrow the Holy Father and disagree with Him on the Truth, and bring the vision of the adversary, Gods adversary. I love him dearly, 

I Am your Heavenly Mother, now receive the Blessing of Peace that JESUS has entrusted unto Me…. The Most Holy Trinity dwelleth in me; “IN NOMINE PATER ET FILIUS ET SPIRITUS SANCTUS AMEN.” The Peace of Jesus and give it to others. Amen.” 

Vision to iveta: "thank you, Blessed Mother …. Now She rises and yet the Angels, descending all around… still holding, there She is, as the clouds are receiving Her now in.           

Thank you, Holy Mother, Love you Holy Mother. Amen".

St. Michael, defend us. Amen.