1.      Our Lady of Batim so pure and so fair,
O Mary we place ourselves under Your care;
Please lead us to Jesus Your Loving Son,
As we lay at Your feet when day is done.
            Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)

2.      Our lady of Batim Your children pray,
The Rosary beads all thru the day;
Be with us dear Mary along life’s way,
Protect and guide us, O Queen of the May.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)
3.      O Mary we thank You for Goa You chose,
To be close to us, and listen to our woes;
Gently You wipe the tears from our eyes,
Now we will grow, day by day, spiritually wise.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)

4.      Mary our Mother we Thee implore,
O make us love Jesus, more and more,
Under Your mantel, enfold us and keep
Us safe from the foe who comes from the deep.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)

5.      The sun spinning high up in the sky,
Throw the colours of rainbow, that pleases the eye,
Then showers of Graces on all us fall,
From heaven that opens, when to Thee we call.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)

6.      St Simon and St Jude this Church is blest,
Because Our dear Lady chose this place to rest,
So pray for Thy children who climb up Thy hill,
To seek Our Sweet Mother and do His will.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)
7.      We shower Thee Our Mother with roses so white,
O purest of Lilies, please throw us Your light,
The birds of the air, and fish of the sea,
The flowers in the gardens we all belong to Thee.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)

8.      O Queen of the Heavens O Mother of men,
O pray for Your children of Goa Amen;
And also Your loved ones who come from afar,
To be on Your Hill, for a glorious hour.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)

9.      Our Lady of Batim, we bring to Your feet,
Our Bishop our Priests and all those we meet;
The ones gone astray and lost their way,
To Jesus to You and Heaven’s Gate.
               Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)

10.   You gave us Your Message let Penance be done,
And pray that all sinners may turn to Your Son;
In death’s solemn moments, Our mother be neigh,
As Children of Mary, in Thy arms we die.

                Ch:  Ave, Ave, Ave Maria, (2)