Dec 4 2020

Our Lady speaks:

Know and understand: now the suffering will linger for the next three hours into the new day in which you will be united also with all those who will pray this day at my Visitation site at Mont Ganxim, Batim. My Beloved Children who are responding with love and gratitude for what God has done of opening the doors of the church, a Catholic church. Beloved children, as your Heavenly Mother, I thank you and I love you. I am filled with the joy of your love for Me.

Now, I desire with great desire that you return to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession, and receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, for the days are coming when, once more, they will deny you by closing the churches. I am your Heavenly Mother. I will not abandon you. Stay faithful to your Consecration to me, as now many of you are responding to My request. My Spouse, the Holy Spirit, will direct you. Be attentive to Him by being silent. And follow the direction He makes known to you, even though it seems so far: God knows best. 

Rid yourself of the world and all its pleasures, come into the conformity of simplicity and moderation and preparation for the barter system. The barter system is a way of love for one another, and sharing when one has less of one item for the other, or even simply sharing with those who have none of such that is necessary to sustain the basic bodily needs. God will provide, worry not. Only worry as in a joyful worry of sustaining your spirit, and dwelling in My Immaculate Heart and, through Me, into the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

You will understand what I mean by these words of Mine in the days ahead. I love you dearly, I thank you immensely. I am your Heavenly Mother, awaiting to be proclaimed on earth as Mediatrix of all Grace, Co-Redemptrix, and advocate - I am She in Heaven -, that I may bring God’s gift and all that is necessary for you to undergo these moments of persecution. Yet it is known as the persecution of the Christians, yet the highest level of persecution will be the Catholic Church. I love all My beloved children, of all faiths, Christian faiths: I am still their Heavenly Mother. They have yet to understand My love for them. Amen.

Now, little one of Mine and My Jesus, I will receive this suffering ,and this will be for those who have stood do to be ignorant about the understanding of the vaccine, and impart this Grace upon them, giving them the chance to choose, where they were already decided in their thinking. 

I will also rescue many of those women, my Beloved daughters, who have subjected themselves in this mass understanding of aborting their babies and becoming the slaves of satan. I will rescue them from this slavery by imparting upon them the Grace to know that this is evil. And, through the Heavenly Hosts, with its Commander, Saint Michael, I will bring them under the protection they are in need of, and hide them from him, and recover them to be Children of God.

Know and understand, the most devastating method used now to abort the children is what has come to be known as the laser technology, where those women, My beloved daughters have been lured; Catholic women have been lured into understanding that their bodies will not be disfigured, and yet, they will be sterile and no longer be able to have children, for which they were created.

There are other methods and satan, the adversary, is luring all into believing that it is the manner in which they can be happy and have children. Children are God’s continuity for the humankind. Children who God is the author will be the Children of Light. And those who satan, using God’s creation, has made himself the “creator” - what does not belong to him to bring forth -, (children) of darkness.

Be aware of this, beloved children: many of you whose wombs the Lord has closed for a time -understand there is a reason - do not seek such methods and become satan’s advocates. I come to warn you against this, and those who have embraced such, will easily choose the satanic world and deny God the right1, who created them. All this for false happiness.

I now thank you for allowing Me to bring forth this word, little one of Mine and My Jesus, for cooperating with the Divine Spirit, even though you are much troubled and much anxious, for you do not give all to Me quickly. Only entrust all into My Immaculate Heart, and My Divine Spouse will guide you. I love you dearly, I thank you immensely, little one of Mine and My Jesus, Cleophas. Amen.

1 Of being the Creator