2014, October 13th:


13 Oct 2014: at the Apparition (Message for Priests and nuns: discerned by Spiritual Fathers) preceded by the Angelus.

Our Blessed Mother speaks,“...My beloved children I have come down from heaven, I desire with great desire to make known the desire of God our Father.   Beloved children I desire with great desire to thank My beloved chosen Sons present here to receive My Graces.  It is through you that My Graces will flow upon My Garment, the Garment of Grace as I release today and unveil the Garment of Grace, the Scapular under the title of Mediatrix of all Graces, I whom am She.....  Beloved children I also desire to thank My beloved daughter present here chosen to lead all God’s children into holiness with God to the virtues of the knowledge that God will entrust unto you. (these are the nuns).

Know and understand now I desire to make known God’s desire and God’s salvific plan. You are now at the threshold of great apostasy.  I desire that you entrust all of yourselves unto Me. Welcome into the abode of My Immaculate Heart.  Here I will rescue you from the cruel slavery of the devil, that has spread for I was not proclaimed, as Russia was not consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.  In the end it will be so and My Immaculate Heart will triumph. In the days of persecution.  Know and understand, I will be with you, if you only consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart.   God desires to bring His salvific plan in the world through you.

I am the Mediatrix of all Graces, Co-redemptrix and Advocate, your Advocate pleading before the Divine Judge, My Divine Son Jesus, present with you in the Holy Eucharist enduring much suffering from the desecration and the black Masses that are rising all around. Know and understand these times... a great dissention will descend upon Peter the rock, they will divide and accuse him of false lawlessness unjustly.  Pray, pray my beloved children pray for your Holy Father, the successor of Peter the rock upon which Jesus My Divine Son promised to build His Church and the gates of Hades will not prevail.  Yet the hour is coming now, you must understand these moments.  I desire with great desire to make known to all My Chosen Sons present here to be in solidarity with the Holy Father, with your Bishops and in communion with one another.  It is through you, the plan of God will be made known. 

I desire with great desire to thank My beloved Chosen Son the Bishop of this Diocese, who now honours me and has made me know in the land of Fatima. I thank him immensely.  I desire to make known as I have made known in the days gone by that Batim this holy Mountain Ganxim, lies in the shadow of Fatima, it is the forerunner of the future. Know and understand it is the continuation of Fatima, after the persecution: into the era of Peace.   I who am the Mother of God will lead you through these moments. Amen....

...I desire with a great desire to make known my desire to present Myself on the First Saturday of the month, the eleventh month of the year 2014. There I will entrust My Message to all My beloved children. Amen.

I love you dearly. I am the Mother of God, I am the Immaculate Conception I am the Mediatrix of all Graces, Co redemptrix and Advocate in heaven.  I await through your prayers to be proclaimed. Daughter, only then can I dispense all the Graces God has entrusted unto Me for your times. I am the Woman clothed with the Sun Amen...”

Then Iveta says that She is giving us the miracle of the sun... S
he is giving us the miracle of the sun.The sun is dancing all around Her,before Her. She wants Her children to view, then She comes again.

“...My beloved children, with this little one of mine my Cleophas I desire that My Chosen Sons bless the Garment of Grace that I have made known and is now presented here before Me today here.”
She gave us the Miracle of the Sun, many saw Our Lady too
Holy Sacrifice of Mass

Unique Brown Scapular (great reward: Sacramental Grace) blessed and released

(received on the 31st May 2011)

            “I desire that you bring forth this Scapular, just like the one I made known to Dominic My beloved son. It shall have The Image of I WHO AM THE MOTHER OF GOD with the CHILD JESUS and Dominic My beloved son receiving The Scapular with the brown (fabric) as a remembrance of, My brown Mantle attached to it.
            On the second part, shall be the same as The Mediatrix Medal’s front and back reveals. In this way it shall be that in these times I shall protect and conquer souls for God. This promise is for those who wear it: shall walk hand in hand and in My Shadow. No evil shall snatch them from ME, their Heavenly Mother. The two parts revealed shall be bound together with a white cord, to reveal that when you wear it, you are united to I WHO AM THE MOTHER OF GOD, our Lady of Mt ( Mount ) Carmel, , Mediatrix of All Graces. This is My Motherly promise to all My beloved children. I love you dearly and desire to bring you to heaven when your exile on Earth is completed. Amen.”
Feast Of The Annunciation Of Our Lord JESUS. Amen.
March 25th 2014.)

Our Lady speaks:
          “My Beloved children …… “ I desire with great desire to make known that I welcome all My children to come once again upon The Holy Mountain of Mt. Batim, Ganxim on the thirteenth  day of the Tenth month of the year two Thousand and fourteen ( 13 -10-2014). There I will bring before them through this little one of Mine and My JESUS, cleophas the Sacramental Grace of My…………….
            They will receive this great reward. I desire the faithful and all My Priests to come on this day, for unto them and through them this Sacramental Grace flows, though it is” . ……….{              }then into bracket is a word I cannot speak, I will give it to you my husband afterwardsAmen.
 “ I Am The Immaculate Conception.
 I Am The Mother of God. This day the Church honours the Divine  Presence in My Immaculate Womb, The Annunciation , The Presence  Of God made Flesh, The First Tabernacle I Am. I Am The Mediatrix Of all Graces: Co Redemptrix and Advocate . I love you dearly. Amen.””.

Feast Day of St. Therese.
Wednesday 1st October 2014 ( 8:30 a.m.)

Our Lady speaks:
            “My beloved children .”…….. “Now to add to what was to be made known to All My children these words......( tape ends) ……………….”.
…“ will be at the hour preceding the noon hour known as Eleven a.m. In that hour after the recitation of The Angelus I will make My presentation known and the message I wish to entrust to All My Beloved Chosen Sons, All Religious and the faithful , even those who do not belong to the Catholic Faith , it is for them too, All My children. Know and understand I desire with great desire that The Holy Sacrifice be raised after My Visitation in thanksgiving To God Our FATHER, for His Love for all His children through Me as Mediatrix Of All Graces, Co Redemptrix and Advocate .The Mother of His Divine Son , Beloved only Begotten  True God and  True Man, Second Person of The Most Holy Trinity . JESUS CHRIST. Amen.”
“I love you dearly.
I Am The Mother of God.
The Mediatrix of All Graces . Co –Redemptrix and advocate in Heaven. I await that day, should you pray it will soon come to be that I be proclaimed Mediatrix of All Graces, Co –Redemptrix and Advocate by your Holy Father, My Beloved Chosen Son, The Bishop of Rome His Holiness Pope Francis I. Amen.”

2014, November 1st, First Saturday:

1230 pm: Stations of the Cross: from the foot of the Holy Mt  and top simultaneously followed by Rosary (could take vehicles right up).
230 pm: Adoration,
3 pm: Outside: Divine Mercy followed by Our Lady's Presentation

Many saw Our Blessed Mother and the Miracle of the Sun
BATIM, GOA All SAINTS DAY, Nov 1st 20l4
IVETA:….countless angels and all the saints are descending in rings all around us...every saint....Heaven is empty....Heaven is open...Here She comes.

IVETA: in Ecstasy.,.. Holy Mother,...Holy Mother...Now She gives me Her Heart in exchange for mine with Her Grace now I am able to bring this moment...Here She is...all dressed in white, countless Angles are holding Her gown...,.I love thee Mother...l love thee Mother...Yes, Holy
Mother,.. l see Her going to the hospital's where countless people are praying at this hour for Her intercession.
She speaks: "My beloved children, I thank you for responding to My request to come before Me this day. How it pleases Me to see such fidelity, My beloved children, I have come down from Heaven this day to entrust to you My request, My desire to bring you into the abode of My Immaculate Heart through Me to God Our Father in the Holy Name of Jesus, My Divine Son. I desire with great desire that you come before Me each morning in your Consecration that I may bring you in union with these your brothers and Sisters to be Holy, known to you on Earth as Saints, they are here with Me praying for you that you may one day be united to them. My beloved children I desire with great desire to renew this moment with you My Love as your Heavenly Mother and through Me to My Divine Son Jesus. I desire with great desire to bring you once again into the understanding where many of you have abandoned this understanding of My Sacramental Love through My Garment of Grace, after it has been Blessed by a Consecrated Catholic Priest, in union with His Bishop and obedient to the Holy Father, known to you as the Scapular. Today I wiII give you its understanding in these moments. My beloved children now I desire that you place before Me your requests. . . . .
Here with My Immaculate Heart open to receive your requests. Only believe, ask and it will be given to you. Do not doubt beloved childrenknow that it is your Heavenly Mother this day descending from My Throne upon your world to bring God's order in these moments of great

I love you dearly, My only desire is your holiness and to reconcile with God Our Father through Jesus My Divine Son present with you in the Holy Eucharist. Spend many hours before Him, know that these moments are short. I will make known in the days ahead of what will befall upon your world but I will be with you.
I love you dearly, I am the Mother of God, I am your Heavenly Mother awaiting that moment to be proclaimed Mediatrix of All Graces, Co- Redemptnx and Advocate, that I may dispense My Graces upon all My beloved children, Catholics known as the faithful and non-Catholics, they too are my children. I am much concerned about them. It is your prayers that will bring them this union with God.

I am The Immaculate Conception, I love you dearly Amen.” ...

Now She desires to bless all the articles (l cannot see Her with my mortal eyes but the eyes of my soul) present here before Her. She initiates this blessing upon all Her children, that peace may descend in their souls and upon all the articles and She desires that after that the Catholic
Priest present here today, Her beloved chosen son Rev Father Saluzinho will give the blessing over all the articles "IN NOMINE PATER ET FILIUS ET SPIRITUS SANCTUS, AMEN."

“I love you dearly beloved children, Go in the peace of My Jesus Amen”..,.
She is present here for all Her children. I see Her no more....

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy....
315 pm: Holy Sacrifice of Mass.

Iveta spoke and answered questions after Mass. Felix read out the healings and the Messages including the 13 October 2014, as approved by the Spiritual Fathers.
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