There are many Testimonies of healings and inner conversions, here are some:-

Diagnosis/ Event



3 month old child, critical Pyogenic Meningitis

Recovered due to Holy Well Water

Nov 2001

Directions lost to reach the Church at Ganxim-Batim

Our Lady guides


Unable to conceive

Conceived, some have many children


16 years Chronic Kidney Disease advised transplant

Not needed

Sep 2006


Eucharistic miracle

Inner conversion, Eucharistic reparation

May 2009

4 year old, Critical traumatic brain injury due to fall from 3rd floor

Recovered due to Holy Well Water

May 2012

Hiatus hernia, polyp, Barrett's oesophagus.

All disappeared

Aug 2013


Saved due the Scapular of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace

Dec 2017

Brain dead on ventilator: no hope


Sep 2018

Heart attack on ventilator: 1/200 chances of recovery


Jun 2019

Severe covid-19

Recovered by Our Lady’s spiritual Remedy

Mar 2020

Miracle  of Batim Holy Water.

My name is Dilp Sequeira
 I live in Mumbai. I am diabetic  and have  one kidney due to cancer.  In the 1st  week of March, I had a pus boil on my stomach . It was very painful. The wound started  becoming  black, and a very big hole was formed with more pus oozing.The doctor  gave medication.He told me that if it doesn’t  heal, he will have to do surgery . During the medication, the wound didn't  heal, but the area blackened more and more  pus ozed.

Then In May, my wife visited Batim  and brought Holy water from Batim.  After applying  only the Holy water  from Batim and with no medication, my wound began to heal miraculously. In a week's time, it was  completely  healed. Praise and Glory be to God and thanking our Holy Mama Mary for her intercession and bringing  this healing. (29 Jun 2023)

I got a job as a French teacher even before I finished my MA in French. I was also praying that I may finish my dissertation in French . I did finish with an A Grade. 
Thanks and Praise to God for all prayers answered through the intercession of Our Beloved Mother Mary.
Mrs Savia Sanchez, Vasco.

I have a testimony to share  on the Remedy given by Our Blessed Mother to Seer Iveta Fernandes of BATIM Goa.

Just as the  Church was closing down in UK due to the corona virus, my sister rushed to the Church and got Salt , Holy water and Candle blessed.

 Within a few days Mm brother in law  working at Heathrow  Airport  developed sore throat, cough, breathing problems, and starting getting very high fever from 18th March. The hospitals were overloaded and they were not getting any suitable response. My sister called for prayers  as  his fever  was not getting controlled for almost a week.  

Lastly I suggested to her to crush onions and rub on his chest and  back and also under his feet in a sock, to give him holy water mixed with pinch of blessed salt and put the Batim scapular and Batim Medal of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace Co Redemptrix and Advocate under his pillow and pray  the Rosary. The next morning the fever completely left him. All praise and Glory and honour to our God most High.

At that time the remedy of corona virus was not revealed  to us. It was the divine providence that guided us to use this medicine.

-Mrs Judith Sequeira, Bombay

Miraculous healing from brain dead Dengue:

Annie was in the Holy Cross Hospital, Bombay for Dengue I had anointed her, as she was very critical, on the Ventilator. The sisters asked them to take her away. So they admitted her in "Fortis " a hospital in Mulund (20th Sept 2018) by then  her sickness worsened, still on the Ventilator "Brain Dead."

As I went to bless her, I failed to recognize her because of her swelling and her distorted face. A day later while the Doctors were around her discussing her case, Anne saw a HUGE CIRCLE OF FIRE AROUND HER LIFTING HER UP TO HEAVEN. There she SAW ALL the ANGELS AND SAINTS WITH JESUS and many heavenly things, her were EYES OPENED (26th Sept). She immediately asked for me, I rushed this evening (30th Sept) to bless her ...All swelling on her face was reduced , and anxiously told us:

"I was taken to Heaven.." To the Doctors surprise, she was out of the Ventilator, as   I gave her the Holy Eucharist she quickly covered her head with a towel (which she normally does) and received  Jesus  with great Joy.( we were almost in tears)

She thanked all those who prayed for her.

We must keep in mind that years ago, (1997 /1998) she had taken some people in a van to Mt. Batim Goa, and it was there that we were given this  prayer, and Right Round this Place  Batim we witnessed "A HUGE RING OF CLOUD ENCIRCLING THIS  MOUNTAIN "...a memorable Event ?

Prayer: "Abba Father, Have mercy on us people ,for we are sinners, save us on the Last Day of Judgment, keep us in Thy protection, Circle us with Thy Ring of Protection Now!"

Could we all Learn this Prayer and Pray it Daily as we are facing so many difficulties, that Abba Father may protect us with His Ring of protection and lead us to Heaven ...in these Last Wicked Days....

God Bless.....Fr Paul D'Souza Bombay.

Miraculous protection by Scapular of Our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace of Batim, Goa

On 24th Dec 2017 evening, my husband Erasmo was fixing decorative lights, finding a fault in the extension cord he was trying to check and repair the same with the current on. Suddenly his fingers slipped from the tester and landed on to the box and live wires, he was electrocuted, stuck in that position and could not shake himself free. He called out to my sons in the adjoining room to switch of the mains.

Erwin came out of his room and saw him shaking/shivering and immediately put off the main switch. His fingers and thumb were badly burnt, but he was safe. It could have been worse if nobody was near. He could have even got a cardiac arrest. Truly it was a miracle he was saved. He attributed this miracle to our dearest Mother Mary. He devoutly wears the Blessed Scapular of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace, which I got from Dr Celcio Dias from Batim

Truly we believe that Mary is with us always and protects us from all evil n danger.

Thank You Dearest Mother.

(Erasmo and Anabelle Mendonsa)
Chinchinim, Goa India

Mark 5:19 And he did not permit him but said to him, “Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.”

From: Agnelo Do Rosario, son of Orlando Do Rosario, Vasco da Gama, Goa 403802.

I am working abroad in the Gulf since August 2013. In the company accommodation, the food was spicy & oily & I started developing digestive & health problems & took medications abroad & in Goa. In January 2015, I underwent endoscopy in Goa which revealed hiatus hernia with Barrett's oesophagus, a condition which could result in cancer after a period of time. I was told by the doctor in Goa to repeat the tests after 6 months or a year to follow-up.

Diagnostic tests done in Goa in January 2016 again revealed gastroesophageal junction polyp which was investigated & found to be non malignant, hiatus hernia & Barrett's oesophagus.

In March 2016, I left the company accommodation & came to live in the city in which I worked. Not knowing to cook, I used to have my meals at different restaurants & I started getting stomach upsets frequently, sometimes with fever. The doctor abroad suggested to do some blood tests which revealed, according to the doctor, Crohns’ disease, a condition of the digestive system which would need me to be on lifelong treatment I was told. The doctor abroad wanted me to undergo endoscopy to confirm for Crohns' disease.

I informed my family at home in Goa about the situation & asked them to pray for me. They too were worried for me & were praying for me.

In October 2016, my parents were going to Batim for prayers as Sister Iveta Fernandes, the Marian visionary was then visiting Batim. My parents, especially my mother had confidence that Mother Mary would heal me. They were fasting & praying at Batim. I too was in a way fed up with my health condition & was considering giving up my job & returning back. During the last time I was sick with stomach upset & slight fever, I was not on any medications. It was at this time that my mother who was praying & fasting at Batim, told me that she strongly felt that I was healed by the intercession of Mother Mary, Our Lady of Batim. At this same time, my stomach upset was cured & the feverish feeling I had also stopped. I was surprised as I was not taking any medications at that time. From that episode on till date, I have not had the symptoms again!

In the end of October 2016, I came to Goa for vacation & underwent endoscopy which revealed that I had no hiatus hernia, GE junction polyp or Barrett's oesophagus.

We were amazed & attribute this healing to the precious intercession of Our Lady of Batim.

Along with my family, we attended the entire Reparatory First Saturday celebrations at Ganxim, Batim from 1 pm to 430 pm and offered thanksgiving Mass on 4th November 2017.

Praise the Lord! Thank you Our Lady of Batim!


As you know already we would like to share the testimony of this great miracle that has happened in our life.

"Our younger daughter Cheryl Simpson had an accidental fall from the third floor of the building. By God's grace, she was rushed immediately to Aditya Birla hospital in Pune. After the emergency care, she was diagnosed with severe Traumatic Brain Injury, classified in medical terms as Diffuse Axonal Injury. She was indicated a 50% chance for recovery and 50% mortality. The injury was so severe, that she was in deep coma for almost 2 weeks. 

We surrendered her fully to God though we couldn't accept the situation. We asked every person whom we know to pray for her and offered masses in Churches with full faith that God will heal our daughter. As advised by you (Juliet), my wife who was in deep shock and trauma went for a day's prayer in Tabor Ashram and consequently for a 3 day retreat. By God's grace and fervent prayers our daughter opened her right eye after a week and was out of the ventilator the next week.

 The following week most of the monitoring systems attached to her were removed, as she displayed signs of stability. All this while the only thing we did was to pray continuously especially the Rosary and the chaplet of Divine Mercy and ask her friends and relatives for more and more prayers. She was out of the ICU after 31 days and a week after that was discharged from the hospital.

 Once we came home in the next few days she started walking and is now uttering a few words sporadically. It is biggest miracle that we have seen right in front of our eyes and this single event has demonstrated the loving care of God and Mother Mary and the power of prayer. We firmly believe that God who has done so much for us will do much more and that our daughter will soon return to her normal life. The chief doctor who took care of her in the hospital did admit it is not the medicine but the prayers and faith and all the goodness around that has healed her. Thank you God and we praise and glorify your most holy name"

Currently she has started walking around and recognizing us and our elder daughter. She utters small words now and then and is undergoing physio and occupational therapies. She is yet to fully speak and probably might need to undergo surgeries for her left eye in the next few months.

We would like to thank you for your prayers and for all the prayer groups that prayed for her in a very special way. We would like to thank you for that spiritual lady in Goa who is witnessing the grace of Mother Mary as well for her prayers. We would request more prayers so that God help her open the other eye and enable her to praise Him through her speech and restore her to normal health. Please share this testimony on our behalf to show the world the wonderful God that we believe in and this great miracle that he has worked in our lives.

With thanks & Prayers
Janet & Simpson

PS: (I held Chery's hand and made her type that last line - "Thank You God and we Praise and Glorify Your Most Holy Name")
26 May 2012 22:08

My name is Cottie from Mumbai. 18 years ago I read about Iveta  a visionary had visited Goa after reading this article I was keen to visit Goa hence I did come to this place.

It was on Maundy Thursday  in the morning I visited this place Batim church I met a lady at the entrance of this Church on the mountain, I told her of my desire to visit this church she said the door of the church was locked and she had the keys since I came from Mumbai she told her son then 10/12 years old to open the church and show me the church.

I could not walk fast so my husband, daughter and the boy walked together in front of me, I was lagging behind, to my surprise midway I was seeing a big full size woman dressed in white with a blue belt walking in front of me backing the church. My mouth was shut I wanted to tell this to my husband and daughter I found it strange hence I said to myself I will tell them later now first let us reach the church. As I entered the church I saw the same dressed woman on the altar. I was sobbing bitterly my husband and daughter asked me why I was crying I said I do not know why I m crying but this same Mother Mary came to bring me to the church. I saw her like a full size human being looking beautiful.

Again after another visit to Goa after  8 years or so my second desire was to see the church the door was closed I prayed outside to the tall cross and the black cross and went away happily at least I made a visit to the place Batim, I stayed in a hotel that  very night I got up to go the washroom to my surprise the hotel lights were off even the generator was not working in the middle of the night I saw a  small ray of light coming from the slit of the window I finished from the washroom and out of curiosity I looked out of the window I saw the same tall cross of Batim church was giving light like a powerful tube light the cross was out of the hotel near the swimming pool to the second floor,then I remembered this cross I saw in the morning at Batim church.

3 years ago I came to Batim Church to pray now for my daughter to be blessed with a second child I came in March and prayed to my mother and the two crosses in the compound to our surprise we got the news she was pregnant.

I have great faith in the happenings at the Church of  Batim (St Simon and St Jude).

13 Sep 2016

Our Lady came to Fatima with an urgent call for prayer and penance, for consecration and devotion of the Five First Saturdays to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to save souls from going to hell and for peace in the world.

At Ganxim (better known as Batim), thousands of rosaries and other forms of prayer like the Stations of the Cross, Holy Masses and the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are being offered every First Saturday by the pilgrims ever since the 1st of October 1994. One can imagine therefore the contribution of the pilgrims towards saving souls and bringing peace especially to Goa.

Goa is exceptionally privileged to have the gift of Ganxim, where Our Lady is bestowing her blessings, spiritual graces and physical cures! Many extra-ordinary miracles have been published in the Batim News and Views. To mention just two:

Case I - A three-month-old Hindu boy, Neil Harmalkar; suffering from Pyogenic Meningitis was lying critically ill in the ICU, at the GMC Hospital, when the nurse in attendance, Mrs A Vaz, thought of telling his father about the happenings at Batim and the miraculous water of the Batim well, and suggested that the child be given some. The father having readily agreed, the nurse took the permission of the doctor in-charge and put a few drops in the child’s mouth and asked the father of the child to pour some water on its forehead. The moment the water touched the child’s forehead; the child opened his eyes and was on the way to recovery. He is now 5 years old, sound and healthy, without any defect. (Condensed from Batim News and Views dated 2/11/2001)

Case 2 - Mr Neville D’Souza from Fatorda was suffering from chronic kidney problem for 16 years. His condition had deteriorated to such an extent that his doctor in Nadiad in Gujarat advised him to have a kidney transplant and the operation was scheduled in July 2006. Meanwhile, he and his family members were praying hard and were attending the Five First Saturdays at Batim. His condition had started improving gradually. When he went back to Nadiad, for his last check-up before the operation, the doctor was so amazed that his condition was so good that he did not need to have the kidney transplant. (Condensed from Batim News and Views dated 2/9/2006)

BBC TV Telecast : Strangely but providentially the BBC TV team was in Goa, and in Ganxim on the first of the three mammoth gatherings on the 13th of October, the 13th of November, and the 13th of December 1996. A vast crowd of around 15000 had filled the grounds of SS Simon and Jude Church and was spilling down the hill of Ganxim.

At the centre of the scene was Iveta in a crucified posture on the ground undergoing briefly the suffering and death of Our Lord, watched by a well known Goan priest from close quarters, and by several nuns and the crowd around.

The BBC TV televised the scene worldwide on the same day. For this reason, Batim attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Any Country, Diocese or Parish should be proud to have been gifted with such supernatural events as the Apparitions of Our Lady, and be grateful for the fruits already produced.

The Moral of the Main Story: God appreciates the Faith of the simple and the humble better than the lofty theories of the learned and the sophisticated.

The Navhind Times, Panorama
Sunday March 11, 2007
Posted By : The Navhind Times, Goa Newspaper on 12/03/2007

"When Mary has taken root in a soul she produces in it wonders of grace which only she can produce; for she alone is the fruitful virgin who never had and never will have her equal in purity and fruitfulness. Together with the Holy Spirit Mary produced the greatest thing that ever was or ever will be: a God-man. She will consequently produce the marvels which will be seen in the latter times. The formation and the education of the great saints who will come at the end of the world are reserved to her, for only this singular and wondrous virgin can produce in union with the Holy Spirit singular and wondrous things."

--St. Louis Marie de Montfort
Mary, Our Mother, is engaged in a deadly warfare with satan, who is trying to destroy the presence of Christ in His Church. This offers us an insight into why She has been appearing throughout the ages, beckoning us to pray and fast, take the Gospel of Christ seriously, and allow ourselves to be converted.
We then ought to do so by seeking to be obedient to her messages which have been approved by the Church and do as she has done: say "yes" to God's will for our lives, the lives of our families and the world. We ought to also seek Her intercession in our own combat with satan and allow her to bring the Christ within each of us and within the Church as a whole to full birth.