St. Joseph's annual letter Dec 2020

 St Joseph's Community Centre at Foymount


CALL TO LOVE: We must live in the Blessedness of serving and not in the justification of selfishness or greed.

The Blessedness of serving is Love and Life. The justification of selfishness and greed is hate and death. Amen.

December 2020

The awesomeness of God and the littleness of man Amen.

St. Joseph: The Hidden Harold of Grace for our Times Amen.

Dearly beloved family and friends of St. Joseph's charity,

Let us Praise, Thank and Glorify God that with His Grace we have come to the closing of another year 2020 and are about to begin New Year 2021.


Stay little in your own eyes, Our Role Model The Holy Family, JESUS God Himself in the Second Person of The Truine God, debased Himself becoming a 'Little Child' in the Immaculate Womb of Mary of Nazareth, The Immaculate Conception The Mother of God; Joseph a just and Holy man, the foster father of JESUS as God Willed it for our sake (our Catholic belief), Amen.

St. Joseph Charity (known as Saint Joseph's C.C. at Foymount / at Batim Goa India / our Ecumenical Uganda house, Lira Africa / Partnership with Philippines Orphanages / Sindhudurg Diocese Maharashtra India / and other countries, where we serve either by sending Humanitarian Aid in Suitcases and Sea Containers through other Charities, who help who help us do so. Here you may understand how we serve.

We serve two kinds of poverty:

- Poverty of the Spirit as we are Spiritual beings so we need to be fed knowledge of God's Love and

- Poverty of the basic necessities of our daily existence for human kind and even animals; also the preservation of Nature to reap the harvest of good fruit that all can benefit, to know that God's Love would not deprive them off.

We were able to bring this love to all our poverty-stricken brethren, because of your generosity, love that came from your heart either by your prayers, monetary donations and donations in kind.

Yes even in these dark times of the pandemic, the Power of God's Love The Truth being JESUS and His light upholds human dignity through your generosity and our service to them. Thank you all Religious Organizations, Doctors, Nurses, Volunteer in these fields, Hospitals, Bakeries, other food donators, Firefighters who generously volunteered to load or unload Humanitarian aid, all members and volunteers.

Here in Mount Foymount, we operate in very poor conditions, one would call it a test of Faith in God of survival. Due to the severe conditions of Nature shifting without notice, we have lost 3 Computers and other equipment due to electric storms. Praise God! Yes the fire of love for God and our fellowmen, our neighbors in need, burns in our hearts.

Thank you all, also for your kindness to us, God will not overlook such love. With your kindness, we were able to to respond to the Divine Holy Spirit's request to various areas of services for the poor in Spirit and in basic necessities in Foymount and surrounding villages.

At this time, we take this moment to make known to you that as the Laws of our Country are changing to accommodate the culture of death, that is contrary to God's Order and Vision of Building the Culture of Life for the continuity of human kind for which stand and work for Love, Peace and Joy, that is the Economy of God.

Now guided by the Divine Holy Spirit, we have resolved to give back the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Registration Number that enabled us to issue Tax Receipts for your past donations, either monetary or kind. Here may you know that we will still continue to serve where the Holy Spirit directs us, to support our poor brethren in Spirit and basic necessities. This we will do to uphold Human Dignity and the continuity of humankind as God intended from the beginning, bringing His Love and Truth.

Your kind donations, should you desire to donate, will be gratefully welcomed knowing that we would not be able to issue a Tax Receipt but provide you with information where your donations were used

Today our Accounts Payable stands at CDN $ 350,000.00+ that was used to carry St. Joseph's Projects and expenses relating to other areas necessary for the formation of the Projects. Your donations that is monetary were strictly used for the poor brethren.

Wishing you all and all your dear ones A Blessed Christmas of God's Love, Peace and Joy and may it be carried in the New Year 2021 to sustain you all in these times of Persecution. Amen

May the Holy Family be your Role Model in what ever Vocation or State of life you are (Single or Married, Priest or Religious); all non Catholic brethren. Amen. 

On behalf of our Poor Brethren, all at St. Joseph C.C. at Foymount, and all our Mission Houses on earth, (in Canada and the World);

Felix and iveta Fernandes (Officers / Mission Directors).