MESSAGE ON 24TH SEP 2017 (in Canada):

It was the *Anniversary of the First Apparition on the Holy Mountain* and Our Lady asked (iveta) for a suffering for the Domestic Church and the Universal Church.......terrible suffering......anyways, after her suffering, She gave us a Message and then after the Message, She pauses and She entrusts another Message, this Message is for all those who gathered on Mount Batim, Ganxim:

“My Beloved children, I thank you for remembering and commemorating this day in remembrance of My First Visitation, you ascended this Mountain to pray and to thank God for Me, a gift to you, your Heavenly Mother, always here waiting for you and will help you. Only pray for your Shepherds. I desire with great desire that many Holy Sacrifices be raised on this Mountain and you will see the fruit through which I will be able to rescue the most hardened sinner and those who  not to believe in   Catholic teaching. Yet, they are My children too. I love them dearly. I thank all those who are known as non Catholics who come upon the Holy Mountain. I am their Mother and I love them and will intercede for them too. I bless you this day and I promise you to be with you always....”

She pauses again with a deep pause and a sigh:

“...I thank all those who are unable to come, yet they have kept, both My Chosen Sons, the religious and the laity that have prayed in remembrance of this day of My Visitation on this Holy Mountain.  You will understand God’s salvific plan to your world in the days ahead. Come beloved children, come in numbers and bring forth processions reciting the Holy Rosary. I love you dearly, I am the Mother, your Heavenly Mother, the Mediatrix of all Grace, Co-Redemprix and Advocate in heaven. It will come to be known as the last Dogma, the Fifth Dogma on Earth through your prayers. Amen.”